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Ozlem works as a freelance Graphic Designer and also pursues her passion for painting.

She believes that color has a real impact on the human psyche and offers a powerful form of communication through art. Her work is about celebration of life; making people aware of the unassuming beauty that is often overlooked in their busy lives. Rather than following reality strictly, she adds a layer of her own perception and imagination to her work and creates an aura, culminating in paintings with a unique abstract interpretation. She is inspired by nature and texture, a trait reflected in her paintings. Acrylic and mixed media feature prominently in her work.

Ozlem has participated in the prestigious International Art Expo in New York City many times and had solo and group shows. She has also been donating paintings for school auctions every year. She has collectors in Europe and in the U.S.

Ozlem holds two Bachelor of Science Degrees, in Anthropology and Graphic Design. She lives and works in New Jersey.